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Spare parts for faucets and other plumbing products

If the mixing unit of your faucet is disused and needs to be replaced, you don't have to buy a new faucet and pay the full price. In our Badshop you can buy spare parts for valves, flushing cisterns and bathroom accessories, usually even for older models, which are no longer being produced. The advantage of buying branded goods is, of course, that you can still obtain the spare parts, even if the original product is no longer manufactured. That way the leading manufacturers secure the sustainability of their products while ensuring your personal satisfaction.

Even the highest quality cartridges and valves wear out eventually. Depending on the quality of the water (e.g. lime content), maintenance of the valve and frequency of use, a replacement part may eventually be necessary. In order to restore the desired functionality without having to trade off the quality of the replacement part, you will find only original spare parts from Grohe, Hansgrohe and other premium manufacturers in our shop. Which replacement part you need, you will see on the according exploded view on the manufacturer's website - additionally the faucets year of construction needs to be considered.
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Simplex Montageeinheit (Grundkörper) zu Thermostat

6,60 € *
more than 20 available

Uponor Smart Thermoantrieb S 230V

25,50 € *
Only 19 left

Uponor Smart Thermoantrieb S 24V

14,30 € *
Only 9 left

Uponor PRO Vario PLUS Thermoantrieb 24V 1W NC VA02 MT 30X1,5

24,90 € *
Only 7 left

Reflex Kappenventil 3/4" mit Schnellkupplung

16,20 € *
Only 5 left

Pluggit Kalmar Abluft-Edelstahlblende

103,40 € *
Only 2 left

Haas Bogen 6270

7,30 € *
Only 1 left

Giacomini Thermischer Stellantrieb R 473 mit Varistor, stromlos geschlossen, 230V

17,80 € *
more than 20 available

Heimeier Thermostatkopf K v. 6-28° C Skalenhaube weiss RAL9016, m.2 Sparclips

9,60 € *
more than 20 available

Pumpenverschraubungs-Set, Temperguss schwarz, 1" IG x 1 1/2" IG

4,70 € *
more than 20 available

SIMPLEX Schwarzrohradapter Plus mit AG

from 10,80 € *
more than 20 available

Uponor PRO Vario PLUS Thermoantrieb 230V 1W NC VA02 MT 30X1,5

23,80 € *
more than 20 available