Shower & Bathtub Taps

Shower and bathtub faucets in the insani bath shop

Finishing the basic installation of your bathroom, is far from being done. Later no one can see what's behind the wall anyway - only the faucets, that you choose to put in, add the final touch. Why would you take a cheap valve from the hardware store if you can have something with really good quality for just a few more bucks? This is true not only for the faucet at the washbasin, but also for the shower faucet or bath faucet, of which we have an equally wide range instock. Shower faucets and bath faucets exist not only in the surface-mounted type but also as flush-mounted version, from which you later can only see the flat control element of the valve and, moreover, with which you can save space.

Flush-mounted installations are advisable to use in a shower, in which an additional head shower is going to be used alongside the normal hand-held shower. That way you do not need a wall mounted, water-bearing shower pipe, but instead just lay the lines in the wall. Flush-mounted installations may be a bit more complicated than connecting a shower faucet for wall mounting, but the effort is worth it - after all, not everybody has something like it. Shower faucets and bath faucets of course are also available with a thermostat-function, which can be separately found in the category "Thermostats". If you like it really exceptional, you can also buy a 3- or 4-hole bath tub mixer for a bath rim montage - here the control levers are sitting directly on the tub rim. You can see, the possibilities are extensive. Take some time to look around in our bath shop.