Showers & Shower Systems

Shower systems, hand showers and accessories

In addition to our popular package offers in this category you will find complete shower systems and shower rinsers of all kinds, with which you can equip the shower or bath according to your wishes. Shower systems are for example perfectly suitable if you are replacing an existing surface-type fitting and still want to have an additional overhead spray shower in the shower. A complete shower system is installed by surface mounting, so that no new water lines must be laid. At the most, a few holes for attachment are necessary, but it will spare you costly renovations. Thanks to the standard centre-distance of 150mm shower systems can easily be mounted to the existing water connections.

If you want to improve your shower with even less effort, you can find numerous handheld showerheads in this category, which can be combined with every hose and every shower holder, thanks to the half-inch standard. These are also available in a set with or without shower rail, which allows an easy adjustment of height for the hand shower. If you want to buy a shower hose, we recommend using a hose with swivel adapter so that it can not be twisted. With this inexpensive and ingenious component material fatigue is prevented and the shower hose looks good even after a long time, because no kinks develop. A wide range of rain shower rinsers and suitable shower arms complement our offer.