Kitchen Taps

Here you will find your new faucet for the kitchen

For every cup of coffee that you are cooking you use your kitchen faucet, the same is true for tasks as cooking rice, washing vegetables, washing your hands and making tea as well as for diluting juices or cleaning cooking utensils. That should be reason enough to rethink the roles in the kitchen once again. Because not the stove top or the oven are the stars of your kitchen, but the kitchen faucet is. Quite often the wrong kitchen faucet ensures that the work at the sink becomes a pesky torment: each time heavy pots must be maneuvered under the stream of water, because the faucets are too low or do not have a pull-out shower. Or windows can not be opened properly, because the faucet is mounted exactly in front of it.

Nowadays it is no longer necessary to accept a compromise when designing your kitchen, thanks to a variety of intelligent innovations. Therefore, we have arranged a selection of both common and unusual kitchen faucets in our online store. Kitchen faucets are available with various functions, such as with a swivel or a pull-out spout. Some kitchen faucets even have a built-in shut-off valve to disconnect the water for the dishwasher. That way you have a variety of options at your disposal, which allows your kitchen faucet to support rather than hinder you at your daily work. Take a look!