Shutoff-Valves & Diverters

Shut-off valves and diverter valves in the insani bath shop

So many showerheads, and so few levers? You know the problem? Then we have something for you. If the hand shower and the huge rain spout in the shower are still not enough, you might want to install additional massage or body sprays. But how do you use them when a normal shower valve only has a two-way conversion? For this you'd need a 3-way diverter as a separate control element, so that all existing showerheads can be centrally chosen. Three ways are not enough? No problem, because there are even 4-way diverter valves - for the total shower madness!

Additional to control valves for the shower or bath tub, also a separately placed shut-off valve in the bathroom makes sense, if you do not want to walk to the basement every time the water has to be shut off. That way you only need one flick of the wrist to handle the water supply and e.g. turn off the cistern or the sink when maintenance operations must be carried out. In any case, additional fittings such as shut-off valves and diverter valves are useful accessories to enhance the functionality of the bathroom. No matter how many lines you want to use eventually - you will need to choose suitable concealed units, therefore you best visit the category "Base units".