Washbasin Taps

Washbasin faucets and other taps for your bathroom

You can still remember this unspeakably ugly two-handle faucets from grandma's bathroom? Some call it practical design - we call it ugly as sin. Today such faucets are only in use for the basement hobby room - at most - but a modern, stylish bathroom has to have a bit more elegance. Or maybe you have a worn, rental-housing water tap, that just tiredly and squeakingly gives away some water for brushing your teeth every morning and bugs you with its sluggish dribble afterwards. There can be many reasons for buying a new faucet - if the old tap has become visually and technically obsolete or if you just feel like something new.

We sell basin faucets every day, and we rarely send the same water tap twice, tastes are ultimately just as diverse as the individual faucets requirements. If you need a faucet for a washing bowl, it must have a raised socket. Maybe you even want to mount a flush-mounted fitting, which is fixed directly on the wall, at the basin. Many customers also set value on being able to wash their hair in the washbasin, so only a valve with raised spout is eligible. Under hundreds of faucets there exists also the one tap, that suits your exact requirements.

For quality reasons we only sell goods from branded manufacturers such as Hansgrohe, Grohe, Ideal Standard or Kludi in our bath shop. That way we can ensure sustainable reliability and be certain that our customers are happy with the selected tap. Some models are not only available in the color chromium, but also with a stainless steel surface or even in matt black. Anyway, you should look out that you do not use aggressive cleaning agents when cleaning, in order to protect the glossy surface - so we recommend paying a visit to the category "Grooming & cleaning". If you have questions concerning a faucet, best use the button "Ask a question". We are looking forward to your order!