Building systems and installation materials, fittings and pipes

The building services of a house are diverse, they include plumbing, heating, ventilation and exhaust. Through proper planning, high-quality execution and optimum adaptation to the building one can save expensive energy. Plumbing includes the laying of all necessary water and sewage pipes, distribution lines as well as the installation of the sanitary appliances. Systems such as Geberit Duofix and Geberit Mepla facilitate the accumulating installation work immensely. In addition to these components, we carry many other elements in stock, which are needed for the basic installation.

Concerning installation, there are two distinctions to make: conventional pre-wall installation and wet construction method. Mounting frames are especially popular, they can be attached to the wall and expanded by a profile system. The sanitary appliances and pipes can be easily installed within the frame and the spaces can be easily filled up with insulation. The individual built-in systems already contain the most important components, such as a cistern or the valve connection for shower and bath fittings. Don't forget to order a matching push plate for your cistern, which can also be found in the building systems category.