Corner Valves & Connection Accessory

Angle valves - they are small, easy to overlook, but quite important

Angle valves are mainly used for washbasins and necessary to connect the appropriate fittings to the water line. Also they are needed for a line under the kitchen sink or to connect a bidet. They should be easy and fast installable, in the best case also look good and work reliably at the same time. We have several different angle valves that meet all requirements. They come from well-known manufacturers such as Schell or Grohe and are provided with a self-sealing connection thread, a wall rose in different designs and the standard 1/2 inch wall connection.

It is useful to also switch the angle valves, especially if a replacement of the valve needs to be done. New, especially clean angle valves are important for the proper functioning of a fitting and their durability. Also in terms of aesthetics, a corner valve can make a good impression. It does not necessarily have to be the crystal-studded 200-euro model - if already the Hansgrohe Design Series offers a stylish look for a small price. Angle valve slipcases, with which the valves can be optically camouflaged, are also available. We recommend that you always resort to branded goods with an angle valve, because this component must be reliable and well made.

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