Bidet Taps

Bidet fittings with a swiveling tap aerator or a cascade spout

Since your bidet can hardly be operated with a conventional tap, we have special bidet faucets in our program. Bidet valves are available as normal single-lever mixer or even for two- or three-hole installations, although these are rarely used. Most bidets are prefabricated for single hole installation, so they have one tap hole, while for the installation of a multi-hole faucet, two more pre-milled holes have to be punched through. For a complete bidet you need not only the faucet but also two angle valves for the water connection and a special bidet siphon for the drain.

Bidet fittings usually have a swiveling tap aerator, so you also can clean parts of the body that are harder to reach easily. Less often there is something like a pull-out spray to be found at the bidet, but there are of course also valves that have such a function. Someone who prefers something more noble can also resort to a bidet mixer with cascade spout - e.g. the Hansastela or Hansgrohe Axor Starck X offer this possibility. Here the water is running out like a small waterfall. This is less effective for cleaning than conventional aerator bidet valves, but at the very least it looks great. Speaking of aerators: We also always have valve spare parts in stock, that way fast replenishment is provided in the event of a defect.
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Grohe Eurosmart Bidet Armatur chrom mit Zugstangen-Ablaufgarnitur

51,60 € *
more than 20 available

Grohe BauLoop Bidet Armatur, chrom

44,60 € *
Only 19 left

Hansgrohe Logis 70 Bidetmischer

57,50 € *
Only 9 left

Grohe Eurocube Bidet-Armatur mit Ablaufgarnitur chrom

125,60 € *
Only 5 left

Grohe Essence Bidet Armatur, warm sunset

158,80 € *
Only 4 left

Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Bidet Armatur chrom

62,80 € *
Only 4 left

Jado Einhebel-Bidetbatterie JES Chrom

193,30 € *
Only 4 left
45,10 € *
Only 3 left

Grohe Eurostyle Cosmopolitan Bidet Armatur

77,30 € *
Only 3 left

Grohe Lineare Bidet Armatur

145,20 € *
Only 3 left

Hansa Pinto Bidet Armatur

56,00 € *
Only 3 left

Hansgrohe Metris S Bidetmischer chrom

126,60 € *
Only 3 left

Hansgrohe PuraVida Einhebel-Bidetmischer

from 351,00 € *
Only 3 left

Grohe Concetto Bidet-Armatur chrom

84,50 € *
Only 2 left

Grohe Eurocube Bidetmischer mit Ablaufgarnitur (hard graphite gebürstet)

204,00 € *
Only 2 left

Grohe Eurocube Bidetmischer mit Ablaufgarnitur (supersteel)

178,30 € *
Only 2 left

Grohe Eurocube Joy Bidet Armatur

158,10 € *
Only 2 left

Grohe Grandera Bidet Armatur, Zugstangen-Ablaufgarnitur chrom

249,60 € *
Only 2 left

Grohe Lineare Bidet Armatur chrom

163,10 € *
Only 2 left

Grohe Lineare Bidetmischer (hard graphite gebürstet)

250,80 € *
Only 2 left