Thermostats for easy temperature adjustment

The thermostat is the piece that regulates the temperature in your shower or bath faucet. A high quality thermostat must, above all, be easily adjustable and able to keep the temperature constant. A safety stop at 38° C guarantees protection against scaldings of the skin, for instance when the valve is accidentally turned up too far. As a protective mechanism, a resistor is built in, which can also be overcome by pressing a button, if it's the right time to turn up the heat. Thermostatic faucets are available as surface-mounted or flush-mounted models. A flush-mounted thermostat is hidden behind a screwless rosette, which is just as easy to use with one hand like the surface-mounted thermostat, but substantially more elegant because of the concealed mounting.

Grohe thermostats are called Grohtherm, while Hansgrohe is offering a ecostat-series and you can also find premium-quality thermostats from Hansa, Kludi and other manufacturers. The basic function of faucets is basically the same, because as thermostats they all serve the same purpose - so it depends on your personal taste and the design of your bathroom, which faucet you buy. Our high-quality faucets are easy to clean and have a refined surface that keeps its sparkle - provided proper cleaning and care. Therefore you can find matching detergents such as the GrohClean spray bottle, in our webshop under the category "Grooming & cleaning".