Base Units

Concealed-mounted bath-valves - What base-unit do I need?

The most common way of installation for bathroom valves is most certainly the surface-mounted version. It has the advantage that one can easily replace the faucet with a new one. The drawback is, that with the surface-mounting, space is being lost in the shower, and also in the bathtub one can easily hit its head against the protruding faucet. With concealed valves the actual mechanics - meaning the mixing unit - is simply mounted to the wall; afterwards only the control panel is visible on the tiles, the so-called finish. Unfortunately, if using a concealed tap, one is limited in terms of later replacement, because concealed bodys are proprietary parts on which only taps from the same manufacturer can be attached.

At Hansgrohe, for example, the ibox is the universal concealed-body for almost all sets - both for single lever mixers and for thermostats. Then again, with Grohe for single lever mixers there is the Rapido E (E for single lever mixer) and Rapido T (T like ... you know) for thermostats. Therefore it is advisable to carefully consider the manufacturer, since the changing of a base-unit is bound to a lot of effort. This limitation is compensated by the look, because a concealed-mounted faucet is elegant and enhances the bathrooms quality. Especially if you want to install a head spout in the shower, flush mounting pays off, since no shower rail must be laid on the tiles. We carry popular concealed-units in stock, so you can quickly begin the basic installation of the bath.